Kanji Flashcards app for Windows Phone

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Kanji Flashcards is a kanji drill program for Windows Phone. Kanji are sourced from Jim Breen's KANJIDIC2 file. The program contains flashcards for 6,661 kanji which are displayed to the user in random or sequential order. Kanji can be filtered by JLPT level (the "old" levels from JLPT 1 to JLPT 4) and it is possible to maintain multiple personal kanji review lists. Each flashcard has three parts: the kanji itself, reading (On-Yomi and Kun-Yomi), and meaning.

User Interface

Main Screen Settings Screen
Main screen Settings screen

Kanji Flashcard

Kanji Flashcard (Reading) Kanji Flashcard (Meaning)
Kanji Flashcard with reading and meaning.

Users move forward and backward through the stack of flashcards by tapping buttons in the application bar at the bottom of the screen. It is possible to fast forward to the last or first flashcard. There are menu items for adding or removing kanji to review lists and for reporting wrong kanji.

Main Screen Report Kanji
Support for light background Anything wrong with a kanji? Report it!

Lookup Screen Live Tile
Kanji lookup by character or id Daily kanji is shown in live tile

You can pick kanji for your review list from the lookup screen by entering kanji with the Japanese keyboard or by using Lookup Codes.

More information about this project in general is available here.